Pastor Chris Hess - 7/04/2013

1 Thess 5:16-28

The Final Countdown
1 Thess 5:16-28

I. God will do it!
Spiritual Commands Php4:4   Acts 16:25

II. To Do  1 John 4:1  Eph 4:30
Cheerful all the time
Constant Communication with God
Thanksgiving no matter what
God’s will for Christians

III. To Dont’s
Put out the fire of the Spirit
Disregard Prophecies
All form of evil

Php 1:6   Mat 22:37

What is prayer?
Why should you be cheerful & thankful ALL THE TIME?
Are you a cheerful or a gloomy Christian?  What do your closest friends see?
How do we test all things without putting out the “fire of the Spirit?”
Who is in charge of your sanctification/holiness?
What “areas” of your life does God care about in this regard?
Is there any area that YOU don’t want to be holy?
What is the GRACE of Jesus?  How would you explain it?  Why is it so important?

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