Joey - 9/08/2015

MATTHEW 9:35-38

Sorry, the recording stopped, so the sound and video files cut the sermon short…



MATTHEW 9:35-38


The great spiritual depravity-

Lord is searching for people who love Him


Two things that we have to have if we expect God to use us

Vision and passion Proverbs 29:18


You have to know what Gods will is for your life and if you don’t than you need to

ask God to open up the eyes of your heart that you may see


He has given us a new life-

How do you view people who are lost?

Do you see what Jesus saw?

Ephesians 5:15-16

Romans 2:4

The greatest reason is that God was the One who was doing these miracles that

the people might see and believe


Jesus explains to the disciples that there truly is a harvest that is reading for reaping that’s not the problem- the problem is laborers


God chooses to use just ordinary sinners like you and me- God wants to reach this

community in these last days

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