Pastor Chris Hess - 25/05/2014

John 3:1-8


JOHN 3:1-8


A. Nicodemus

           1. Pharisee – religious leader that fanatically followed       the Law


2. Open to Jesus, but w/ a “limited faith” in Him



B. Spiritual Birth Needed!

1. W/o this change you cannot be part of the kingdom of God Rom 3:23  Mar 1:15  2Co 5:17  1Pe 1:3 



2. Not a restart – but a revolution (regeneration)

2Co 5:17  1Pe 1:3 



3. Spiritual birth is mysterious & amazing



4. God’s Salvation – Jesus is SAVIOR, not just Teacher



What kind of man was Nicodemus? 

What did he think about Jesus?

Why did Jesus start talking about being “born again?”

What does it mean to be born again?

How does this happen?

Does everyone need this?  Why?

Are you born again???


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