Trish Williams Haiti Trip Experience

Thoughts of that time in Haiti have been on my mind and in my heart increasingly over the last couple of months.  It has been almost a year since our trip. I’ve looked at the pictures and videos again and again.  At the oddest moments, I’ve heard the children’s songs echoing in my ears, seen

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Cheryl Paddock Haiti Trip Experience

“So, I went to Haiti pretty much clueless, not knowing what we were going to do, what part I would play or even why I was really going. As I talked it over with God, my prayer became more and more, that I would just obey. If He told me to go, I’d go and

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Michelle Anderson Haiti Trip Experience

Haiti Mission 2011 Disclaimer: I will never claim to know everything about Haiti, but I wanted to share a short summary (it looks long but should be quick reading) of my personal experience of my short trip to Haiti. I’m trying to be patient and pray about going back – I wouldn’t hesitate to go

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Friday Update

In PAP orphanage, what an awesome ministry. We are playing with the kids and doing a few little projects fixing things, and tomorrow we will be painting. Praise the Lord that all is well. God bless, Team Haiti

Thursday Update

Today half of the team will be at the school/orphanage, while the other half will be working construction. John is teaching a bible study at lunch for the Haitian work group, and Pastor Chris will be preaching tonight at Haiti Initiative. Please keep us in your prayers!

Tuesday Update

John is working with the Costa Mesa construction guys on their last day today.  The goal is to have the Haiti Initiative property built up so that teams can be housed their. The rest of us went to schools in the morning, and then to a “tent city” this afternoon.  That is where everyone is

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Monday Update

We have arrived in Haiti and we are doing good! For now there are no health issues, and everyone seems to have adjusted quite well. We have wonderful fellowship with another team of 10 from a Calvary Chapel in Tennessee that is staying in the same large house as us. Also, a team of construction

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The Haiti Trip Has Begun!

Well guys, we are on our way to Haiti, and are all super excited to see what the Lord has in store for us. Please keep us in your prayers!