“So, I went to Haiti pretty much clueless, not knowing what we were going to do, what part I would play or even why I was really going. As I talked it over with God, my prayer became more and more, that I would just obey. If He told me to go, I’d go and that I would just do what He told me when He told me. It almost seemed too simple to listen and obey.

We sat with kids, through a lesson we didn’t understand. We hugged strangers and told them that Jesus loved them.

We wrestled and tickled and laughed with kids on a soccer field and we held babies that so desperately needed to be loved, only to have to put them back down and leave them. We saw hundreds of new faces in new schools and orphanages each day. We crossed paths with a lot of lives, many stories of hurt and struggles… I often wondered “what good was I doing? What fruit was there? Could I grasp a big picture that we are a small piece of what God was doing or understand how the pieces fit together?

In Haiti, just like home, I don’t have to map it out, know where it’s going or always grasp God’s big picture. How great God is if He lets me see how what I do fits in all He is doing… but if He doesn’t, if I can’t… I can still LISTEN and OBEY.

So, hmmmm… a summary of our Haiti trip. I don’t think I could possibly summarize it but I can give you a taste. There is a language barrier. Kids tried and tried to talk to us. They looked at us with an urgency, with a passionate desire to communicate. We would sit and listen, point, write, draw, whatever we could to get through.

We learned to say phrases like “What is your name?” and “How are you?” and “Jesus loves you!” We would play and laugh, smile and hug. Whatever we could do in an attempt to communicate that in the poverty, hurt and mess of life there is a great God who loves them. So hard we tried, so little we could do. Yet, God had called us there for a week to share His truth and love. Then He asked me, “What are you doing with the other 51 weeks in your year? How hard do you try when you do know the culture and can speak the language? Are you willing and patient? Will you TRY and listen when what their eyes say are followed by words that you can understand? Communicate God’s truth and love! There is no barrier here!”


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