Apparently, as followers of Jesus our faith can faulter.  Jesus put the inability of the disciples to cast out this demon – on their LITTLE FAITH!  How do you define faith?  What does it mean to believe in Jesus on a daily basis?  How are you doing?

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  1. Steven

    A few weeks ago, I made a comment comparing examples of “great faith” and “little faith” in Matthew.

    There are two examples of “great faith” that Jesus points out in Matthew (the centurion in chp 8 and this woman in chp 15). There are also two examples of “little faith” (Peter in chp 14 and the disciples in chp 16). I think there might be some similar characteristics between the first two examples that are absent in the other two examples.

    In verse 20, Jesus again tells the disciples they have “little faith” (NIV). I’ve always thought I’ve been like that sometimes…that I couldn’t do something because my faith was too small…However, it doesn’t seem like the Disciples need more or bigger faith, because he explains it with an example of “mustard-seed faith” (which is smallest of small) which could move a mountain. It appears that what makes the disciples faith ineffective in this instance has nothing to do with size, but the instead has to do with the object of the faith. In fact, even faith as small as a mustard seed, when it is faith in Jesus Christ, can do the most powerful things.

    So, this might also help explain the other references to “little faith” in Matthew.

    It may be confusing to read that word translated as “little faith” and wonder why we can’t increase the size of our faith do great things. However, It is encouraging to to me to realize that the Power of God working in the world around us is not dependent on the size of my faith, but rather the object of my faith

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