What do you think about the way Jesus handled the situation in Matt 15:22?  I’m still blown away by this woman’s FAITH and humility.  Would love to hear your thoughts…

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  1. Part of the faith of the centurion & this woman seems to have been a real spiritual understanding of Jesus. The centurion understood His unlimited power could be released with just a word. The woman understood just a crumb from Jesus’ table would be enough to help her daughter! Also, the centurion & the woman shared a common character trait – HUMILITY.
    The little faith of Peter & the disciples seems to have stemmed from their looking at the physical, not the spiritual (Peter, the blowing wind; disciples, bread to eat instead of the Bread of Life).
    Whereas the centurion & the woman believed Jesus could absolutely do what they asked, Peter & the disciples seemed to have struggled with this.
    What do you see in comparing these examples?

    • Steven

      It really struck me that I may have left out humilty and persistence as being two necessary aspects of “great faith.” Great faith is not just believing in something. Heb 11:6 describes one who has faith as being the one who believes God is who he says he is and ***earnestly seeks Him*** – so the earnestness, the persistence, and the reliance on Him to provide what we can never come up with ourselves – that is something that struck me in this story.

  2. Steven

    There are two examples of “great faith” that Jesus points out in Matthew (the centurion in chp 8 and this woman in chp 15). There are also two examples of “little faith” (Peter in chp 14 and the disciples in chp 16). I think there might be some similar characteristics between the first two examples that are absent in the other two examples.

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