We have arrived in Haiti and we are doing good! For now there are no health issues, and everyone seems to have adjusted quite well. We have wonderful fellowship with another team of 10 from a Calvary Chapel in Tennessee that is staying in the same large house as us. Also, a team of construction guys from Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa is here, so we all are doing quite a bit together.
Today each team went to a different local church. Our team had a really great time at a Baptist Church in Jacmel. The pastor called Pastor Chris up to share for a few minutes (we have video if we can upload it), and a haitian young man ended up translating the teaching from the Haitian pastor into English, so that we could understand. It was powerful!
Tomorrow we start a very busy week of ministry.
Each day we will have morning and evening devotions with the Tennessee team. Our team is going to lead Monday and Tuesday night, and Wednesday and Thursday morning. Someone different will share/lead a devotion from our team each day.
During the day we will be working very hard with both construction and children’s ministry in schools and orphanages. There is ALOT of both for us to do.
We would appreciate your continued prayers for health and strength in the heat. It is definitely in the 90’s.

Hopefully an update will be coming each day.
Grace and peace to you in Jesus!

Here are some pictures from the trip and our first day here in Haiti!

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  1. janice stringfield

    we love all of you and will hold you up in our prayers. be safe tina and all of you

  2. Sandy Burgoon

    Praying for all of you just as I did the last time. Love the pics and smiles! Praying God’s strength for all of you!

    Love and Miss You!

  3. Patti Dean

    To my main man John, ( not even sure if you guys get these comments)
    Love you and miss you so much. Loved the picture of you too. Defintiely see Jesus shining in your eyes. Read Psalm 72:12-14 as encouragement for the people there. We are just fine. Praying God is your strength and portion there this week!!!!!!! Love You!

  4. Patti Dean

    Hi Everyone,
    I’ve had this scripture on my heart since the morning you left Florida.
    “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of MIne, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock:and the rain descended, the floods came and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall for it was founded on the rock.” MATH 7:24-25 We are so thankful you’re not building on sand in vain. Praying that you are a light as you literally are helping to rebuild the community there. More importantly, though, you are building up His kingdom and encouraging others to build their lives upon the cornerstone of our faith , Jesus Christ! Can’t wait to hear about all the work the Lord is doing!!!!!! Praying for strength, protection, and peace.

  5. Emma Dean

    Hi Daddy,
    I hope you guys are having a fun time. How are you? I like your picture with the little boy. Did you give the kids the soccer balls and did they like them? I miss you and love you.
    Love Emma

  6. Brian

    These pictures are great. Please send more, especially some of that Tina Larson Gal!!!

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